Costata preview

[September 28, 2013]

Dear softrice fan:


may-ling calls in afternoon,

pick her up at the Smyth,

whole foods for her to sushi snack, coconut water,

she eats ginger, would be great to eat japanese with her, clean up my plate, she yells won’t be the only thing she eats,

not afraid this will affect dinner, she can eat more than other girls


workplace, Ninja, Chinatown,

different when not during a super storm and blackout,

enjoys the sun,


can’t make it to Abraco, first coffee in new york,

may ling too stressful and tired from work to start her coffee blog,

miracle bought a new place in london to start new life with property,


Think Coffee
1 Bleecker Street
New York, NY 10012


When Red Eye Meets Cafe Au Lait

when Red Eye meets Cafe Au Lait,

her fave is Cafe Au Lait, not available in London,

should get Spanish Latte next time, latte with condensed milk, like super sweet,

likes that New York is diversified, more orientals everywhere,


teaches me things,

most Americans don’t have passports, narrow minded, vacation same place every year rather than explore, don’t know where places are, we are poor in geography, regardless if we are in 2013,

Europeans get paid once a month rather than twice a month,

Vietnamese pho is pronounced “fur”,

Ibiza is pronounced “Ibita”,

she has never been to Las Vegas,

wants to party in New Orleans,


she is definitely a foodie, food first, sightseeing as a side win, and museums are exiled,

London have to really think hard on where to go, zoned out, go somewhere for one thing,

we have more choices,

but didn’t enjoy New York as much on first time, expectations too high,

Toronto no expectations, but loved it,


Food: N/A
Drinks: D
Dessert: N/A
Ambiance: D
Final: D


shopping at American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, latter have cool cameras,

couldn’t delay our dinner reservation, skip out on American Eagle until tomorrow,

will come back in November or December,

we will have pre Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner,

maybe if have advanced reservation can go to Bohemian or Peter Luger,

says might get travel jobs to Hong Kong, Shenzhen, or Japan too, she’s too tired to travel, i’m too localized and jealous of her travels,

support her frequent return to NY though,


206 Spring Street
New York, NY 10012


red color dominance, posters of paint,

large group of cute japanese girls on front floor,

we go to second floor,

wine cellar throughout layout, even basement bathroom,

bread was okay, nothing to write lover about,


may ling,

Pinot Grigio Elena Walch | Alto Adige

i make her try my dessert wine, okay sweet, slight hint of bubbly,

Moscato d’Asti Bersano “Monteolivo” | Piedmont



Sea Scallop

Sea Scallop celery root, black truffle vinaigrette

may ling thinks generous portions, i say americans are obese,

what we thought was Chinese shrimp paste was black truffles,

pretty good for raw scallops, eats at perfect texture,

don’t know what I see in DaDa Chan,

thinks i will easily cheat on Linda,

says must try Tim Ho Wan, everyone says that, definitely need to next time,

Garganelli Alla Fiamma

Garganelli Alla Fiamma con prosciutto, peas, truffle cream

may ling doesn’t like parmesan cheese, don’t really eat, shouldn’t have ordered,

she never had pasta with steak,

but this is signature pasta, too springy, only mediocre when expectations high,

may ling too stressed out at work, boss imposes his unachievable standards, would call at 3 Am (time zone different between NY and HK) and get mad when you don’t answer, inhumane approach to work, but is able to learn from him,

can see she is tired, job too much for her, her mom notices, i agree,

i’m immature, just play play play, all i think about,


Costata 44oz tomahawk ribeye


not as good as Peter Luger,


not what she thinks, weird to me, i just have steak as it is,

rosemary just for show,


Fries kennebec potatoes, sea salt

she calls chips,


Zucchini anchovy vinaigrette

courgettes to her,

enjoys teaching me in British,

not what she expected either, baby zucchini, she was thinking bigger, okay for her,

weird taste to me, combo with cherry tomatoes,


may ling takes pictures with her phone,

woman adjacent from me smiles at me,

may ling says we are having steak, she is having salad, smiling because she probably thinks she should be having something meatier,


too full for dessert, from steak,

too bad, for me, can just have sweets without food,

very opposite of may ling,

does what a girl does, makes me finish food,

jetlag, may ling tires from it, energy drains,

i have no jetlag, just came back from hong kong, fit right in,


Food: C
Drinks: B+
Dessert: N/A
Ambiance: C
Final: C+


food okay, but no wow factor,

not giving the best of new york to may ling,

no more michael white restaurants,


challenges me on being Linda Chung fan,

says move to London, nab girlfriends in six months,

may ling wants to vacation in Chicago,


walk back to the Smyth,

wall of toys, clocks,

take pictures together to remember a beautiful night,

but would not pose with my rubber duckie,

sleep in early, rest for brunch tomorrow, Sanrio, shopping, and possible biking and Flushing tomorrow,


Always in a puff of smoke,



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