Sarabeth’s preview

[September 29, 2013]

Dear softrice fan:


May Ling wants to honeymoon in Hawaii, good taste, same dream as lover


may ling brunches once a month, says girls like brunch,

more popular than i believe,

she wants the best american breakfast, pancakes, waffles, doughnuts,


Sarabeth’s Tribeca
339 Greenwich Street
New York, NY 10013


wait 10 to 20 minutes,

table in front, both of us wanted in back, but okay,

noisy environment, loud decibel, too much people,

have crayons and coloring paper for children,

local families and public workers, such as fire department,

today is the walk for diabetes too,



may ling has coffee,

Four Flowers Juice orange, pineapple, banana and pomegranate juice


she tells me the importance of breakfast,

but i only eat cereal in workdays because wake up early for work,

sleep in on weekends and goes straight to lunch,

today brunch with her is special occasion,


says HK is a city of night owls and not early risers, worker bees don’t even breakfast in morning, just bring something to work,

I say train station closes early at night, when we are 24/7, typical yankee and impose my standards and values

May ling says HK has cheap taxis at night, London closes earlier, so if they don’t have it, American jump to conclusions and assume most of the world wouldn’t have besides us then either,


Fat and Fluffy French Toast

Fat and Fluffy French Toast

almond flakes,


Chorizo And Sweet Pepper Frittata

Chorizo And Sweet Pepper Frittata

didn’t really have a preference, have her choose for me, so she can taste two of what she likes,

because she doesn’t like, don’t have with manchego cheese

regular egg,

English muffin, more like a scone,

strawberry jam, whipped cream,

like hers better,


says she eats a lot, but still pushes food on me,

can have takeout breakfast for her on weekday mornings for work,


Food: C+
Drinks: C
Dessert: N/A
Ambiance: C
Final: C


shopping at American Apparel,

Muji, where i got container for my toy, her Purin is smaller, about two quarters,

Pearl River


Linda has injuries filming Tiger Cubs II, may ling says because it’s her, certain she would cry

Uncertain if she would cry herself if fell and injured



Banana Republic

Billabong, convince her to buy a Where’s Waldo hoodie, it’s Where’s Wally to her, cute, won’t wear for pictures, maybe ask her to bring back next time,

talkative sales, white girl, cute big eyes, smaller than me, may ling thinks she is cute and good for me,

American Eagle, buys a head band, makes into bracelet, black and white polkadots,

Urban Outfitters to return from yesterday,

American Apparel, cashier is a cute Asian girl, says i should go for her, i have choices,

she doesn’t know best one is lover,

lucky to win a prize, buy over a certain amount, never happened to her before, get another cream top for free, she rather has a bow,

ask her to bring one she bought last time back to ny to play with me,


hates my idea of exchanging Marvel Labbits, weird idea to her,

don’t stop by KidRobot,

my shoe laces keep falling off, more so with her today, embarrassing, need new shoes,


tour her of St Marks,

talk about David Chang and his restaurants, both of us are against no photos policy in restaurants,

she thinks it is detrimental to their reputation more than helpful,


86 East 7th Street
New York, NY 10003



cramped hole in the wall, mostly take out,

don’t have her Cafe Au Lait,

a gap in my research, didn’t check for menu,


when Caffe Late meets Individually Dripped Coffee

Caffe Latte

okay, but not her best, #1 coffee in NY disappoints her,


Individually Dripped Coffee

straight black, dark and bitter,

too strong for may ling to even try,

best coffee for bitter, not our cup of coffee,


Share best cup of NY

want picture of coffee together, but she wonders where i have these ideas for poses,


Olive Oil Cake

Olive Oil Cake

her first and best, like very much, soft,


Food: N/A
Drinks: C
Dessert: C
Ambiance: D
Final: C-


walk down and have Van Leewan???

says better to have came here, more choices,

i would have ice cream,

get water for her at Walgreens,

says we don’t have competition anymore, is true, they are monopoly now,


her virgin metro ride,

Grand Central, her favorite sightseeing New York stop,

surprised me, she doesn’t like gimmicks, don’t like sightseeing, all about food, yet this attracted her,

best train station in world, don’t have in London, most probably in the world,

beautiful masterpiece to her, i take for granted,

perfect picture in her wally hoodie among the crowd,


walk her to see Junior’s Cheesecake,

she don’t like sweets, but surprised she is a cheesecake fan,

maybe next time,

uninteresting food court,


Taste of France at Bryant Park,

stationary, hot air balloon

may ling doesn’t want distractions from her store,


Sanrio store,

Chun Li Hello Kitty, think of Prima,


not much products to her liking,

don’t find something for Honey either,

may ling will go to Hong Kong or Japan store,

train back to East Village for oriental food,


65 Fourth Avenue
New York, NY 10003


wait 20 to 30 minutes

loud bathroom, loud atmosphere,

placed in back corner of wooden table, best spot in house since not communal table,

feels like a private corner in the restaurant,


may ling has green tea, likes warm drinks, i prefer cold,

Kokuto ‘Brown Sugar’ Plum Wine

may ling thinks i’m an alcoholic now, like drinking with friends,

sweet, but heavy with rum, but okay,

iced, cold,

quick to go, fast drink,


Ippudo Salad

Ippudo Salad mixed greens served with sesame shoyu dressing



Soft Shell Crab

Soft Shell Crab

one of her favorite foods


Shiromaru Hakata Classic

Shiromaru Hakata Classic the original silky “tonkotsu” (pork) soup noodles, toppped with pork loin chashu, sesame kikurage mushrooms, menma, red pickeled ginger, and scallions

portions small,

light broth, not salty as in London, which she doesn’t like, but everything London is better,

so London isn’t all bad, vast improvements in past few years,

proud for her country,

need to take her to Totto Ramen,


Wasabi Shoyu Ramen

Wasabi Shoyu Ramen soy sauce and vegetable based noodle soup, topped with bean curd, wasabi, menma, nori, scallions, and wasabi infused oil

sweet wasabi, tastes weird, vegetarian,

looks special to her, may ling says i go for fancy, but never orders right, classic might be best sometimes,

i want different experiences and pictures to share with lover,



add Kakuni braised pork belly


Food: C
Drinks: B
Dessert: N/A
Ambiance: C
Final: C+


no Eileen’s Cheesecake or bubble tea for her,

walk back to the Smyth,

megu, name interests may ling, but won’t go, same as i, on principle,


errands and house calls tonight,

work, role play tomorrow,

first time meeting everyone,


next time,

Tokaji, cake, celebration,

Eileen’s Special Cheesecake,

Doughnut Plant,

better steak, better ramen, #2 coffee,

explore more neighborhoods,

brunch, Flushing, Upper West Side, Upper East Side, Higline

when warmer, bike, water taxi,


Always in a puff of smoke,


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